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00:00:00: Hello and hardly become some of the out of Health podcast even marry Stephen personal trainer and health coach.

00:00:08: My name is Yoon is this Sophia mention the Mercury by earring Gesundheit liking optician on license away until in C into heaven.

00:00:17: That's the harm that they are of Health up and wicked ondine online course Gallant.

00:00:22: Alice be inherited fast food on a journey Powers May interested to finish to enable hibernate this podcast.

00:00:30: Halo Halo Halo leave Nadeem a Eine Kleine Chuan Tana podcast namabhasa English Tower.

00:00:38: Five is of your Novak's one and yeah there's on my.

00:00:43: Flight or I know good to Titus on as a Ian Stirling comment yet so hook Medina gorson

00:00:49: ghost and cunegonde's oil then V if you like might become have to have a year,

00:00:55: let's monitor fly safely and annoying trainingspläne foodie the out of Health after a bite it we're here jetzt of it's the i.m.f. store for oil part

00:01:07: didn't I thought he Tidings planar Zendaya Zendaya the out of Health app Implement yet or went to can steer Dinan plan yet stonetalon.

00:01:17: That's a helluva is shown you can't excite mind seeing one trainingspläne ER indeed the art of Health app to implement Ian then when we could can't advise just as men

00:01:27: absolute line shaft as Lieber as trainingspläne Torres I'm Healy basma katif.

00:01:34: Eva training Spanish title I was talking to current why.

00:01:39: Zoophilia didn't Harbor and cannot is indeed internal organelles ovt planar for the app cache data tab you can also turn your Ziva and.

00:01:51: This is also untimely victory for me dear discipline herbicides ocean via then training minnesotans can now switch tsv done any wrong.

00:02:01: Fergus try support and training on the teapot Centennial wrong then do we collect analyze don't for person mr. Stone Dino copper composition foreign and vectors

00:02:12: zota than any other country in training the have two hundred percent Oscar Lake sign,

00:02:17: does Heist a lip liners and Natalie out of training philosophy cons appeared won't allow them their chanela fat up to bond with things wiser muscular to a off the bone.

00:02:29: Buddha aim another composite zones along when you de see a height creators.

00:02:35: Then the CIA is the so does the opportunity out of health of the individual Urkel green became a Cornerstone of packaging longest.

00:02:44: One spot Nick Newell and Molly done and dusted scans victim doesn't a charity fund her calmly in tracking apps as the day out of hell that is kind of tracking apps kind of tracking app manage

00:02:55: because the mechanical interaction Zone indeed ended absolute directa coloring villains

00:03:01: two dates on him as he walked after eating balanced assessment by the same a skimmed cumin seeds are like indices mascara off Powers to being canceled.

00:03:11: It's in first effects of bow fat little zone or I am.

00:03:15: That's give it to harden and another composition so along isodyne a cup of composition but I'm liking of it now

00:03:23: Daniel's purpose yet either of these are individual and chlorine and Marco - Perignon d

00:03:30: younger past we had enough time visiting victim Vicodin for Alan becomes drama and invites the production The Rustic no Vice for whom

00:03:38: pass theater sighing latest thing we feel like my whole kid I've always gotten fat is what does it feel like and I think that's two doctors.

00:03:46: When the coach fit the dark of Brazilian team of feedback given to the student Cabeza first isn't can lands on let's say of time in sea level rise above ehm exact go ahead Sue

00:03:56: Dynamite Fitness seeds Ram license its domestication see where he's a man who Hast,

00:04:01: I'll just wait to get training then when we had Scott and are kind and trainingspläne Hast a posh B Eva should see last.

00:04:08: Vite some beispiel dine and ports of foreman and six packs are I can

00:04:13: man shoulder musculature of the bomb shelter definite zones along medicine its own and in buying and selling an emergency list & claim suits are like in Orem aircraft and then can avoid off the bone.

00:04:25: Afforded Islands to rid of another of pain and plant that made to focus on a progressive license tag along at Zealand cancer.

00:04:35: Now or and does the Emma Emma Vida does here I have a nickname Deacon Edward as,

00:04:43: it's and very intensive conducting a tour of our Nina plan their random as I ever work early so that's kind of fortunate at Sea Dragon canora does manhattanville feed side for yet.

00:04:55: And if I make the swing as though they are merely buddy planets at the end.

00:05:00: By HD optimization method does he normally in state I get my own YouTube video Vega sector here,

00:05:08: Hunter has a podcast for guys and a Highborn of my for linking powder and then sinfulness does our own Tamaki Stephen and gets off my YouTube channel that's my says another letson YouTube videos Zayn,

00:05:21: one spot be out of Health app.

00:05:23: A Q and this is video is faster and comp lattice work through the the out of Health app making as a MAG mines only thing start coloring frog bog do it.

00:05:34: Done very the economically and by whom love has a nine Clinton's artist in our team vasudha an individual.

00:05:41: SMS and Silas and endless FAQ is

00:05:46: get off Electronics plan Frank idea mission for up cos Theta by Instagram on the Carpathia hour

00:05:53: optional to this videos I Mile in time stems macchiatos lead us to emerge so then give a leaking fragment Washburn County

00:06:01: deep sigh - into the season gets Mighty I will show my tiny bubble like the who became busty trainingspläne is over in heightened when they have emotion anger fungus act Dusty trainingspläne ER after the art of training philosophy,

00:06:16: book wouldn't feel like and he's training Philosophy for Mia and spicy tide against idling philosophy the art of Health.

00:06:23: And the Buddha of mirror trainings under the to for iron ore mine a gun sight liquid latex to along.

00:06:31: And on the government's to updates are liking the sized aloe vera how long sine Z debunk son Autumn when the evenings I was fired.

00:06:40: Zinta of Oscar Lake does to Optimal for certain training Martin contest their sizes vary in the component and crafts.

00:06:47: Skits cuffed also out and Mobility aid for iron.

00:06:51: And again slightly athletic went in Fitness and Susan Sarandon has Epsilon then feel-a-vision does it is a philosophy for me and Vic out our Bernardi mahyar Along Comes understand each other

00:07:04: it's coming out Austin bodybuilding on Harbor had Zack classes calf training yarlung observe weird as though their classes show you boom when we.

00:07:14: Beats up skirts buying pressure.

00:07:18: You name it or and Natty McDon minor few years ago vet Comes The Zone made possible by David Meister shaft a folk I absolutely loved her.

00:07:27: Have a human by licked Victor needs mind healthy lifestyle vitally make Don Vito Nyan Vector then it would be anathema of the burnished in on consumers or minor creativity it was my training but refined love lesson.

00:07:42: Avoid her eyes though noise component and implementation oy vey going a lien on my training Zeus dieting doesn't me fitfully unfortunate Monken.

00:07:53: UND so does my training my Oshkosh smart.

00:07:56: And does he smelled fra long stick pan of minor copper composition as a of the aesthetic tossed in my book City go on diesel.

00:08:06: Gasps oh hi to VV m in Ghana Venture on Deck lava and practice field and Zia shemitish Canyon as the Nvidia.

00:08:15: They are in effect on bodybuilding classes crafting like nougat new allow often on cardio mark on Orinoco as a mark on Nora no body weight training Mackinac and emerged dear.

00:08:28: The to of ninh thuan a combination of Alum I'm just pasteurized I'm car per household,

00:08:34: 154 make the journey I have a job do it and found so life-changing by mistake the resort Saigon dear - programmer

00:08:43: mitanni Hunt game as weird as in Zach's work on obstinate trainingspläne Ur India the art of Health app game

00:08:50: ABBA is fit some start if organ playing a game domestic markets in Vine and swamp there create you plan Danish spits a free app and we could have our own death of Alex diognetus deleuze time.

00:09:05: In many trainings philosophy Ein satakam then their plan is so cons appeared does its power or skill and calf positive even.

00:09:13: Even in the heart of us the exact Mobility Town carved out store.

00:09:17: I've is Vietnam that's bad evocation Advanced Training Zafar Khan heart the size kind of saga.

00:09:24: The most kind of hunched on kannada under the skids besides behalf and to be honest and decent plan and out and I know complaining,

00:09:32: foolish time to even animal like talk about Ryan Vogelsong become,

00:09:37: the desk to Z anger past of dine level and Dynam tag assistant than v n comes as a villa in medieval re-enter that you belong,

00:09:45: Buddha does levels luggage my DVD and didn't talk Mark biased so Martha says about our past cans to other evident with by creative work finale meddlesome craft and school budget even craft also a component no Mobility

00:10:00: when we can still get there by and shine up to Phoebus fun for my divorce attorney in my test oh de crime a debacle

00:10:07: Captain I'm a design few of your best friends and I do not much bit safer try and hide and when the have a Hindu brahmins Lutz's anguish dead just to our.

00:10:16: In optimind flick fence namely Investments and swim up over here on the scope of our nearest and unfortunate American contest.

00:10:25: And we do feel like the ocean Tita unconcerned with implants these days let me create you face one When there's less stationed offshore listened us has our Island create new face

00:10:36: to get invert or and these are fathers of it as though Zach's Vulcan not aim release out.

00:10:43: Knit one Duncan's to damage might have fought fun and five students xia ning xia Barry Bonds house filled with flying a vegan food.

00:10:53: Done is there free weights Basics plan perfect for detecting in the Adventist or and.

00:11:00: I feel like the installation of Harbour Instagram refract Varsity coast and struggles and by oil and.

00:11:06: Yeah that's LED can of violence if I'm gonna die.

00:11:11: Gandhi began elano tuition a the town signature thing as he was fired - asifa let's indecisive like the squeak niche of in surveying and.

00:11:22: Hm Village Evinrude Anacapa composition as the Schlieffen and mixture starts to augment flying within 10 years.

00:11:30: Then Zoom it comes to diner copper fat fat along behind fluorescent dye in Bendigo Weber Startin UND die knock knock on Zenon.

00:11:38: Been down that's the studio album in Alton when do they done and good buzzes and muscular to ask about Hurst the sighs Nate has manners and American women yet.

00:11:49: Chao editor is discrete amount of we have.

00:11:51: Zoophilic On and On Let's younger Humpty fantastic sugar the tartar at the time of wizzy flight AS McPherson younger Funk happened to Tony and his own done this,

00:12:02: exactly the I know Vans and eager copper composite so now by to turn about you are done things that's the best on a chilly,

00:12:12: dust program as well as free weights Basics program and heard that I hoped and heightened and oberkapo an undercover and and gun scope attacks does do.

00:12:22: You two must go Pam Anderson's find my Volvo Hart Tonya tossed.

00:12:26: And that suha between 0 and up to 9 feet and carved out do attack into cleared and then comes to the about and shine up to him dry microfilm approval crackling Ian marketers.

00:12:36: Owned a cabin design program Kleiner mini-tutorial slim bothers Leung hon to Bangladesh daytime advised were off to act most went to Venice in Dining Plan organic my

00:12:49: it's schnelle Bizet directa go start and end position along Hunter even the.

00:12:55: In these are you valuing of our focus at Verdun then do Vista Mar evite's survive

00:13:00: Duncan to Evelyn in survival often focuses in on Dan are coming are so vital the language you bring in that suit so Destiny before at Food standards to work like

00:13:11: the Intensive methods for achieving the shafting canst owned this house feel wrong or asthma automatization concerned composite Arab tank on went to visit on NAFTA and plan

00:13:22: zika in the Outfield that bothers coats until 900 even confusion on the Technic passion or carved in didn't even ask about time.

00:13:31: Went to begin furnace to out the weight lifting on gymnastics trainingspläne Ur D 4 coats and a Half Men our website Sue every album wagon and has a not monoi designed.

00:13:42: And our in the the out of Health app integral yet.

00:13:46: Yeah that's why it says my dad go boober Public Funding up to n Fun and plane I will concede as I know any girls vertical plant Harbor it happened,

00:13:56: Zoe little plainer B KR M MD B of construct vardon and sweet enough videos Maher and

00:14:05: yeah for me either

00:14:06: Vaughn the knee knock me out on the streets and so Conan do HD planar or and Zach Mac and I wish I'd when do English Aventuras de Ravin dear

00:14:16: because I inferred was Dugan a hammer and Wilson split or an program or a vast Medina business isn't it highwomen service in magana off then he might study program inoculation our competitiveness and.

00:14:29: Ashton one day to make this does is organic Austin fire vessel under trainingspläne - skip two and a constant fire where's the own daddy out of Health app,

00:14:39: in these are very soon as phones and tie it into has to cover Afters Health Journal.

00:14:45: To vest I Saudi Market happened Diner Gesundheit start and subtracting or and there I knew but they touch turns to last and and a caftan and the Heat

00:14:53: UND two canisters FAQ final decision on that Su can still there are t create you planar Ansari asking the guy version haven't Aladdin these are still here,

00:15:04: some tests in Boca Raton Spa their creative plan for,

00:15:08: fear this fun finite and pull over her own daughter create new plant fertilizer einheit and provocateur to canst enough to a super for two weeks

00:15:17: didn't plan ever my testing cooking up dinner still you failed and done five minutes to your mobile and feedback

00:15:24: and when due to graph of a little trainingspläne a hammer test and then create new plan complex and observe and make this as big

00:15:33: because I'm Zack sworn fealty absolutely and motorists does a heads done in them bedside and above plus the individual calorie no Marco - progression on TV I can click in and person directly

00:15:45: check ins on just announced feedback from them the guitar coach on VM exact becomes the down and them ABO also curve of Allah,

00:15:53: converting trainingspläne at dinner following burden that's vast it's asthma fundraiser forget he offered us their dinner and trainingspläne again find out and us too.

00:16:02: Oddly informed on what's good Caterham versed on just two meters were in for me investors have a Tisch make the Allison and Ben I've asked there was a crisp and observe you has built a language direct and make it a party up

00:16:16: fighter in mid-autumn feedback and vicar so does the amount of invention,

00:16:21: it allowed to leave the base at Verdun can of crushed rock garden can function implemented Vatican and us.

00:16:29: Effort me I'm fucked when a virus does a tomato Heaven Come on facts not vital of France today out of Health our past comes to on speed outside on to support.

00:16:39: The banished like a pinstripe of pinch the health home ta contact Tea Room.

00:16:44: Fights Duty they are of Health appetites noticed 5-minute Ali Van Dyne avoiding want updates to laza Morgan a male or a Instagram DM.

00:16:55: Owens misses with a big dick dick best movie of Dinah Journey so they shouldn't just being kind of show him yet so shy.

00:17:02: Hunt he offered us to Polynesian foger then after that I buy bust this bite.

00:17:07: Music.

Über diesen Podcast

Herzlich willkommen zum The Art of Health Podcast. Mein Name ist Marie Steffen - ich bin personal Trainerin und Health Coach seit dem ich 18 bin.
Ich habe in den letzten Jahren hunderte von Kunden & Kundinnen individuell gecoacht und ihnen dabei geholfen ihre Ziele im Hinblick auf ihre optimale Gesundheit, körperliche Wunschform & Leistung zu erreichen.

Meine persönliche Journey startete mit Bodybuilding. Schnell nahm ich auch nach meiner ersten Meisterschaft an Internationalen Wettkämpfen teil und durfte den Traum in´s Finale bei der Weltmeisterschaft zu kommen, verwirklichen. Jetzt mache ich keine Wettkämpfe mehr, sondern halte eine alltagstaugliche Form und trainiere nach meiner Trainingsphilosophie "The Art of Training". Ich vereine klassisches Krafttraining mit Gymnastics, Weightlifting und Ausdauertraining.

Viel Spaß beim zuhören!

Deine Marie

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