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00:00:00: Hello and hardly become some of the out of Health podcast even marry Stephen personal trainer and health coach,

00:00:08: my name is Ian is this Sophia mention the Mercury by earring Gesundheit liking optician on license away until in C into heaven,

00:00:17: that's the harm that they are of Health up and wicked ondine online course calendar.

00:00:22: Alice be inherited fast food on a journey Powers May interested to finish to enable hibernate this podcast.

00:00:30: Hello shinozuka English artist and how to make the humidity against Kenny behind image breaking that he has me,

00:00:38: take Leah right a lady my app Notes and did the art of Health app note sonoda or on the continent on Zone online course and evil Cochin,

00:00:48: defrag Natalia mom okay vishna connecting it for today.

00:00:52: Hensley there esthetician Gesundheit like no license oriented concealer now does fit the sciatica team has any query design vast to avert enhanced and for I am vast Fortune has and then,

00:01:06: get off annoyed video another seal Hammond Organ under the old gangster towards own.

00:01:12: That's highest Vishnu for Charter I can contest is a penny from decent by in fact own.

00:01:19: Punta van we feel duplicate best food and see it so investigation is action of Montana's.

00:01:27: Beautiful owns a dynamic system to manga and potential or a credit card advice and I'm Ashton inside homes are hiking.

00:01:36: We go says this is potentially rest Whitman Egan of wesen,

00:01:41: it can as a kind of a Noah's Ark V definite to index mu not in vain contest.

00:01:49: Fast scan is dust 2 written rejecting hand Logan fortschritte Irma Harvest.

00:01:57: I'm gonna miss you buddy a good now D handling and your hand did iterators index Manhattan and importance I bring word.

00:02:05: Gets this is a bizarre understandable right shaft is 100 ohms that's and Garnet soon important to give a variety of early who kissed and lose access mind see is my victory

00:02:14: Benito Victor secret weapon of my eyes arms to fatigue Nora from up overheard some spots again today's highs here Charles too,

00:02:23: bus to Denver height best for an iron hand long and DST - gabbar permanency and are to come India reality um Susie.

00:02:32: Onizuka cans victim under skin now physically up victim Claire hat 10 video assignment of hearing podcast for advice

00:02:40: is the um that's Buckeye does Allah which distr Venice on the sarahindenmark KB songs by the fortunate to get,

00:02:48: so and that's what it gets Nomads begin Claire Markham.

00:02:52: Frogadier Visconti Alice tune in EDI file investment person deeper guide in Istanbul modern human seats in verse 10.

00:03:02: Finish pocket I'm a vocal minority in to plan and brighter skin Force applied and fog outside,

00:03:09: Penny pocket cameras voluminous and slam up of atoms W again faggots I can manipulate really divine power lines between Aires adding a deed would do gloves doesn't your hand along the UN Envoy it is vast of a tour guide.

00:03:22: Hyped it us off in one's own online course in Microsoft Visio the tiny my become an Abbot Splat owned two advantages of hardened.

00:03:31: Directors dead on Wednesday wrecked naughty intriguing.

00:03:35: Okay that's funny and in talking and then my ghost in the hospital on often bad note and a moment,

00:03:44: Doris music mentor of our behind can as it as a victory it's official Fergus Tulum 24 million but sings was unfortunate,

00:03:53: damage to the ability first time constant variation where art is a hand long furry hat,

00:03:58: wound up devata- seeds for the evict where I am now.

00:04:03: As or does it have Billy fast as we assess for mechanical arm up overhead some sport gear,

00:04:09: been forever like me too much work the gang this it's a Spookley work let us assume that some cancers dicta kinds of our that's visitor I talk hours we stylish the moment we can't does I naught and we consider as plan.

00:04:22: State has for me is Dustin on cancerous relatives from Jetson on when Nick Hoskins to realist assume that same as a practice and Hunter of fine homes at spiral silver dish,

00:04:34: oh and when you're done I'll list and handling matters to you but I presume to that's and get us in the axon and Stone.

00:04:42: Then do cans technique to them to your ending,

00:04:45: then we finally began speeding on plan on cooking on flight is 0.9 look hands nor do we tune Pakistan see icons fuck with constant in tune as almost naturally shell design handling what I deserve,

00:04:58: four games by the side game.

00:05:01: When the by 2 in Stone comes via the automatic it wasn't done on just how I fixed the problem when the amount of mitsuko nuns Ecclesia kind of fortunate as nicked,

00:05:12: does lubricant for the game at one,

00:05:15: done and the end Vera need a can't wear an ordered departure after handling nicked met in a vitamin and a silver rhinestone.

00:05:22: Despite the fact that they do their as Ashton most.

00:05:26: Vasudeva to student unfortune position and often hung Logan TWP of heights fast um Susan wins.

00:05:35: President of desert side to to dilute either hand lotion has AIDS test.

00:05:40: The of Tata continent the not survive economy that's a nine plants of me to come Zhang he helped us confuse pass it back it's okay Dreiser,

00:05:52: Essence gives to damn Kappa gotta survive on covid-19 long and versus Yaga endangered is a Honduran Nick tongue that's us,

00:06:01: once whitens the confirmed like McMuffins 50 no skin the Honda engineers and develop our home visitor and a given height Vietnam Alibis and it allows for me it's of like perfect me that's worth.

00:06:12: Buttons you have it as good for you as pass it next and unfinished working opposite of item goofier on kind of fact,

00:06:20: when dusk of fuel conservation a toy action when talking with my Tifa any material as though this is fortunate zine,

00:06:29: then yeah that's is namely when you gets besides Munna tendency investigator asked about a man or kind of hard to master.

00:06:36: So before with us about hope to zankan does to kind of photomask Missin we asked him a clash then vast is Danny bahat unfortunate.

00:06:44: For to the man unfortunately ended his wife a sheet in a Dinger this height is can goods are in the stable Heights extreme Castleford to the market has the ammonia can't.

00:06:55: That's unfortunate we are in a fraggle we forget an individualist.

00:07:00: Umm the Obama and did to give until it hurts my any good fortune to off the mid-20 head so he and I can't stand does form Diner bottom side tongue feel a thing that's disgusting my sin and mirrors and more at no diagonal as I hint,

00:07:14: the mythical claim Suga significant effect for lost xigbar Combusken carved by gone and keyboarding funnybot sing hello,

00:07:24: I didn't hunched on land etc etc does does in swabs from Mona and at see it burn can,

00:07:31: Rosetta or newer is fortunate and I convened can analysis under the lungs I'm a fortunate is,

00:07:39: Dubai is dust was do virginie as long as I'm Fortress unreleased normal of for church.

00:07:46: That's why buy me any kindness that's why by under indeed o flight AS Forbes East or a food disasters meteorite hitting on Hannah's.

00:07:55: Such a different Faith groups and a Musky of Parkinson B resign.

00:08:00: Plant videography stuff to borrow unfinished Melody declaring the son knows best local Farm photos in unless authorized for here.

00:08:09: Zips when the Scottish bit surprised and shocked for and not isn't here they'll make you a quiz and W would inform voters,

00:08:16: zagging then feel adding these incomplete or like house beforehand.

00:08:21: Anything above form focus on unquestioning mergenberg camera funding the art of Health abuse on on feedback gave us a collection for another hat Z in this platter hell on the new super happy.

00:08:33: But I could be good for a guy who can stand for end up going to Zen's and about Naboo.

00:08:39: Lemon weekly module patent Madonna Navigator Swift Ambassador Victor foodtube calm as I'm Barnaby,

00:08:46: double the hook on that stand I found an inner workings and they act as always you can wear them with moved back and zammit equipment or up too much body fat fighter and as I was it on the road and it's action,

00:08:57: these are fortunate when fighter named as adults is a Nazarite not teach my allows us for him I'm sorry because after a teen for glycan

00:09:06: tuition in buying them.

00:09:08: What else on the axle on a profile 2002 but I actually do my skin cancer 30 and women and Overland 432 then.

00:09:19: Kind of movie Planes form photos then does comes to its who out a hooligan or and the out of Health abuser or I know.

00:09:28: When you questioned him out of course on Amazon best at his abs and shiden like make the does unbeaten mind feedback Turtle to game high diving better than black their fields will come.

00:09:38: And you can stand in foods and support at the burnished like administrators of the National Health monkey isn't and eventually Vitaly 400 photos.

00:09:48: So vital.

00:09:51: Dignity to for glycan canceled of Fortune markets and when Woody Allen has a bigger Birds least it's honest man has its photos.

00:09:59: Buddha to ascend bicycle pump and training to these Dusty Muskan make our scum just again a rare feel like my dad and uncles East as of this moose it's nice sign about

00:10:10: how much is all Canadians putting so doesn't also Zack on design a taco stand in for a shot of sighing as if a school David Hayter Satan flag capacity,

00:10:20: Oda aligning the factors to make 10:30 training Hast,

00:10:24: I'm whisking this is Ina this is Nick new identities for mozgov Bogart Avenue flight and I know.

00:10:33: Mozgov by far the best and mcelveen pseudonyms and it doesn't he must have fought as it like Avenue make haft of both stars align ocean and indeed Stafford us mammals can follow them they could build a Time.

00:10:45: And then come out to the offer to the of Gesundheit Leon lifestyle buzzes but Zooms in.

00:10:53: D ultimate then handling for INS it adjusts here and here again can somebody be better cash laughs laughs Elite 8,

00:11:02: best of a dogma and a game I'll talk when cam you do - Costa Maya tarquini got PMS vinegar stress vinegar food Focus purpose as Arizona.

00:11:13: Doesn't unless fortunately under conversion certain isn't a listing a decision and commit in handling and nehru yet son has masked unfortunate Umbra training consign.

00:11:26: Professor to groove crafts,

00:11:28: finish talking shop knocked him training to can't beg which published you bargained for when neither does Kenya or even specific sign.

00:11:37: Best of the balance and beige be hunched and divine binding you woman,

00:11:41: best vinegar or having a chef to Max and also our fake IDs person.

00:11:49: Messy item types of Steinem Jim Otis is unfortunate and even filter finish virion somebody beer has to.

00:11:58: It's idling by Fun League starts just had an absolute again Zone when we get some figures to its mass Max to this there is no love no home when this filthy filthy like that on as a high to the allergies are fought her fast.

00:12:11: Embarrassing I'm a viking like somebody should be and then the art of Health Training explained as of yet no in the absent,

00:12:18: do you have any idea in fit a shared among our trainings for chefs to die in a bathtub style Kong devil half steps fence

00:12:26: that's fine Einstein Kong and I know you belong this is a guy.

00:12:33: I have to dissolve only respond to high and Dunston then we are an unfortunate for biotech NZ as garnish,

00:12:40: when Visa onward and Angelo motivation of off pound when he met a dragon for today's newer vanish and encircling hanger and then Kaczynski as I hear on a list I wanted.

00:12:53: This kind Fortune Visa extend and the motivation Shivani be hoped of adverse rules into trillion Alice was besides for hair is unfortunate.

00:13:03: And that's unfortunate is Stephanie has to on up to 43 tell we were based around a definite on our tongues item.

00:13:11: And not my eyes aren't in trainings playing cancer did I know for children too much be no tienen and trainings present and future to fire.

00:13:19: And Dan has to automatically cut in there the art of Health app does Health journal to Newton as a named in check-ins Madam coach they're definitely out as a digital coach Vice the hair off of default:return exactly hey thank you Victor duper are geared why.

00:13:34: You know just being obstinate I got misconduct by a vintage my objectives and that's why we must find another Dragon haters left a little puzzle

00:13:41: and inside Tom had a superhero movie of like there was a governess cognition organic result no deaths we inhabit the up cleared that made that coach the in item.

00:13:51: Yeah,

00:13:52: objective motor set on the Hereafter by deleting and I don't have nightsisters Elba of confront first codified Novato uncertain financial interest earned.

00:14:05: That's has to do with the check in zaandam health Journal comes to diner.

00:14:10: In lifestyle Factor on the tnv Danish laughs quality and food focus on dating and the aim of God said Harbor and that with these to your house okay,

00:14:20: vinegar food Focus the investigation Lafayette my best so far down does can stream Health Journal Alice tracking and the metallic 10440 Garden,

00:14:30: when you done so far has to app over or to enroll in an online course on the tab it cost a lot of diets on Venice mrs. here we don't know your online course Platts afternoon.

00:14:42: No flag no it's a husband then she opens but to him an email at support at the ministry administrators often District have pumped the air won't get me again and feedback to each of us to fall in trainings plane in the app heads,

00:14:54: first to can fly us to develop Leonard Avenged The Examiner feedback on the listeners often fashion and team and evaluation then I my nerve or her,

00:15:06: thank you ding a beautiful home that sunken on the app iterative and or convention and the person I saw,

00:15:12: does this mean my guns can speak to swing can feedback shaking and Nomads fats it is a podcast for a girl,

00:15:19: make this design decision is again can banging now dude I need Celia Christ,

00:15:23: good now does it say organic Victory than 50 guys up to the rich together bottoms her tongue position of Diana I need that package of tasks,

00:15:33: and off my tits Nita's first two tools.

00:15:36: That's neat work some is so gnarly decide to do business here consistent data English Tech task to see Ivan or two coats were in fact lights then formulaic Yonder for Indian wasn't a scam artist.

00:15:49: And then dude and leave me and go on hiding the latest,

00:15:52: blah blah me all time Kappa Kenzie and on Dinah lies tongue comes to style gong to come stay fit on goes on Fusion to consign hunched and climb to possibly go straight to diversify my remarks land.

00:16:05: How about that super long video so long without holding without holding fun hand Logan D after Su configure do of times here Einstein.

00:16:16: Success is the result of the repetition of good habits.

00:16:21: That's what you know Muslims quote that person quote Vanita to lose 10 and in this is another Hyatt and out often forget infertility new.

00:16:31: Aunt Schreiber in the working leg off and expand expand funding for children to listen when do we start I have nothing make toast.

00:16:41: Music.

Über diesen Podcast

Herzlich willkommen zum The Art of Health Podcast. Mein Name ist Marie Steffen - ich bin personal Trainerin und Health Coach seit dem ich 18 bin.
Ich habe in den letzten Jahren hunderte von Kunden & Kundinnen individuell gecoacht und ihnen dabei geholfen ihre Ziele im Hinblick auf ihre optimale Gesundheit, körperliche Wunschform & Leistung zu erreichen.

Meine persönliche Journey startete mit Bodybuilding. Schnell nahm ich auch nach meiner ersten Meisterschaft an Internationalen Wettkämpfen teil und durfte den Traum in´s Finale bei der Weltmeisterschaft zu kommen, verwirklichen. Jetzt mache ich keine Wettkämpfe mehr, sondern halte eine alltagstaugliche Form und trainiere nach meiner Trainingsphilosophie "The Art of Training". Ich vereine klassisches Krafttraining mit Gymnastics, Weightlifting und Ausdauertraining.

Viel Spaß beim zuhören!

Deine Marie

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